Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

When you sign a lease with property management company, you are responsible for any damages to the apartment when you move out. Follow the tips below to ensure you get your full security deposit back.

Read Your Lease Thoroughly

Do not just skim over your lease and sign it. We know you are excited to move into a new place and call it home, but your lease lays out everything you are responsible for while you live at the rental. It will also contain your move-out policy. Most property management companies in Ames have penalties for moving out before the end of your lease, which could include losing your security deposit.

Fill Out Move-In Inspection Form Carefully

When you move into a Hunziker rental property in Ames you will be given a move-in inspection form. You can also download one here and print it off. It’s important to fill out this form and note any existing damages. Hunziker will fix read through the inspection sheet and perform the necessary repairs. It’s crucial to fully inspect your apartment soon after moving in so you aren’t charged for existing damages when you move out. You may also take pictures of the rooms with existing damage to prove they were there upon move-in.

Keep the Rental in Good Condition

The landlord is responsible for the general maintenance of your apartment, but it’s your duty to keep the apartment in good condition. Refer to the lease on what you are responsible for. Be sure to clean up spills as soon as they happen so they don’t become long-term stains. It’s also good to have a bi-weekly or monthly cleaning session so dirt and food doesn’t pile up.

Communicate with your Roommates

If your roommates are not your family members, then you and your roommates should devise a plan on who cleans what buy windows 10 key when it comes time to move out. Deciding on who cleans what ensures that every part of your apartment will be cleaned, and that way you can guarantee receiving your security deposit by keeping the rental property in good shape.

Take Photos When You Move Out

After everything has been moved out of your apartment and it has been completely cleaned, take photos of the apartment so you can show the landlord exactly how you left it. Most photos on phones and digital cameras have a date stamp included in the file so you can prove the date and time they were taken.

Follow Hunziker’s Move-out Checklist

Upon moving out of your Ames apartment you’ll need to schedule a move-out inspection with the property management company. All belongings must be moved out of the apartment and it must be completely cleaned out. For more information on the move-out inspection, read here.

If you have any more questions about your security deposit, moving into a Hunziker rental unit, your Hunziker lease, or moving out of your rental, feel free to contact us at 515-233-4440.