Application Process

Ready to move-in to your new apartment? Complete the process below to reserve your new home.
1.     Apply for it. Go to our Apartment Listings page and find the unit you would like to apply for.
2.     Secure it. Fill out the online application, attach a copy of your photo ID, and pay the application fee. We will then send you an online portal where you can pay the security deposit. Hunziker Property Management accepts check, cashier’s check, money order and online payments for the security deposit of your rental unit. You may submit a copy of your driver’s license or passport upon completing or turning in your rental application.
3.   We’ll process it. Rental applications are then processed and reviewed once we have received a full security deposit. During rental application review, Hunziker will run a check of credit history and rental history of the application seeking out the unit for rent. *In the case where a 12 month credit and/or rental history is not available, Hunziker Property Management requires a deposit equal to two months rent or a qualified co-signer’s signature.
4.   Sign for it. Once you have been notified that your rental application is approved, you will receive a lease by email through Appfolio. Rental applicants must sign the rental lease within 7 business days or the deposit will be forfeited in payment for the agent’s time and effort in processing the inquiry and application.*In the event that a rental application is denied, Hunziker Property Management may refund the security deposit. 

Rental Application Process