7 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

A new space can take a little bit of time to get used to. Whether this is your first apartment or simply a new space to you, here are some ways to start making it feel like home in no time!

1. Give It A Clean

Give your space a little refresh before you start arranging your belongings. Even if you’re just moving in, often times you like things to be cleaned the way you’re used to them being clean. Were the floors not cleaned with your favorite Swiffer scent or does the bathroom smell like ‘mystical garden,’ even though your favorite smell is ‘paradise flowers?’ Your new space will already be fairly clean, but take a few moments to personalize the cleanliness, so that it feels more like your place. Plus, it will also let you get to know the layout of your new home.  

2. Set Up Your Bedroom

Even if it’s just a mattress on the floor, having a place to call your own to sleep will set your mind at ease. Bonus points for washing your sheets in a familiar detergent that smells like home. Also, unpacking and organizing all your clothes and outfits will really make it easier to get ready on the first day of class or work.

3. Prioritize What Decor Is Important To You

What were your favorite parts about the last place you lived? Maybe for you home is having a comfy living room to kick back and watch TV. Maybe you like to cook, so setting up the kitchen is a priority. Or, maybe you have a certain color scheme you want to try. Whatever it is, start there and let the rest fall into place.

4. Get The Lighting Just Right

Overhead lighting is often be harsh and can throw off the mood of the room. Try setting up a few lamps to add a softer look. Fairy lights can also create a homey feel. You can also draw attention to areas with natural light to make your space feel larger. Finally, don’t forget curtains on your windows for privacy!

5. Add Something Personal

Once you have your larger items set up, start adding smaller sentimental items. Family photos, collected knick-knacks, signature scents, and cozy touches like blankets, pillows, and rugs give your new space a personal touch. Don’t wait too long! These items will serve you and your space better out on display than in a cardboard box.  

6. Make A Nice Dinner

After all that hard work, you deserve a nice meal. Pick one of your favorite dinners and stay in for the night to enjoy. Success! Your apartment now smells like one of your favorite foods and your stomach is happy. Win-win. After dinner, treat yourself to some homemade cookies.

7. Have Your Friends Over

Last but not least, invite friends over and celebrate your cozy space! A potluck is a great way to ease the burden of doing all the cooking, so that each of your friends brings a dish to share. New to the area? This is a great way to meet your neighbors. Chances are they are looking to meet people, too.