Apartment Fire Safety Tips

Fires can spread rapidly and destroy your personal belongings in a matter of minutes. It’s important to take precautions to ensure you, the ones you care about, and your belongings are safe. Use these fire safety tips to eliminate potential hazards and safeguard your home.

Inspect the Apartment Before Signing A Lease

Before renting an apartment, you can easily perform a fire inspection. Inspect the smoke detectors and ask your landlord if all devices are working correctly. The apartment building or apartment should also contain a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible.

Know Common Causes of Apartment Fires

Many apartment fires start in the kitchen by appliances and other equipment in that area. Heaters, dryers or other electrical appliances are also a common cause of apartment fires and may happen when people are not at home. Smoking and other small flames created from candles and grills can also cause apartment fires.

Prevent Apartment Fires

There are many precautions you can take to help prevent a fire from occurring in your apartment which include:

Practice Fire Safety Around Christmas Time

Hunziker welcomes artificial Christmas trees for those who celebrate the holiday, but be sure to eliminate fire hazards by keeping it away from heat sources and inspecting strands of lights for any defects before use.

Have an Escape Plan in Place

Fires can happen when we least expect them to. Ask your property manager if they have any protocol for when a fire breaks out. Talk to your roommates or family and establish a plan.

Keep Calm In Case of a Fire

A fire can lead to panic, leaving you, your roommates or your family in a rush to leave. However, be cautious as to where the fire has started and spread to. Feel your apartment exit door before you rush out. If you feel it’s hot, find another exit if possible. Exit the door if it feels cool.

Your Safety Is Important to Us

All of Hunziker properties adhere to the city of Ames fire department requirements. If you notice a defective smoke alarm or fire hazards in your rental unit, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will assess the problem as soon as possible.