Cleaning Before You Move Out: Tips & Tricks to Help Make Your Place Spotless

Moving out of an apartment can be an exciting, yet overwhelming task, and cleaning it before you go is probably the last thing you want to do. However, this ensures your apartment is ready for the next tenant while helping you get that security deposit back. Each apartment is different but, reading through some of our tips on how and what to clean before you go can help make your life a little easier as you begin the move out process!

Know What You’re in Charge of Before Inspection

Check with your property manager to see what needs to be taken care of and completed on your end before the move out inspection appointment. Hunziker Property Management requires the following from their tenants moving out an apartment:

Schedule a move out inspection

HPM will reach out to let you know your scheduled move out date and time. While it’s not a requirement to attend, it is to your benefit to be there.

Rent and utilities should be paid for through the end of the lease

Both your full rent and utilities need to be paid for and taken care of through the end of your lease. For example, if you move out one week before your lease end date, your utilities must still be active and in your name until the end date of your lease.

Set up a carpet cleaning appointment

Carpets in all of our apartments are cleaned prior to moving in, so we require our tenants to ensure carpets are left in the same condition. Carpets must be cleaned and receipts should be kept and given to HPM during the move out inspection.

Empty unit of all personal belongings

Even if you don’t plan on taking some items with you to your new apartment, they cannot be left behind in any of our units. Make sure all of your personal items are removed from the unit and find a new home for the belongings you don’t want anymore.

Make sure all light bulbs and detectors work

Test all light bulbs and detectors in your apartment to ensure they are working properly prior to your move out date. These are all important items the new tenant will need.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

In the hustle and bustle of moving your life from one place to the next, you may forget about how much cleaning needs to be done before you go! Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to move and thoroughly clean your place. This way you won’t have to rush your cleaning process and can make sure you cover every item on your checklist.

Go Through Your Leasing Manager’s Cleaning List

Property management companies don’t try to hide what they’re inspecting in your unit. Reach out to your property manager about a cleaning list so you know what you are responsible for! You can expect the inspector to use this same list when they do a walkthrough of your apartment at the inspection.

Tackle Each Room One-by-One

Don’t get overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning your whole apartment at once. Create a game plan where you can conquer each room one at a time. Here are some of the things you need to make sure you clean for each room.


Living Room




Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

Don’t try to clean your whole apartment on your own! Ask your friends and family for some assistance to cover multiple rooms at once so you can get done faster, and also have the benefit of additional sets of eyes to help you find things that you otherwise would have missed.

Use These Helpful Products

There are a handful of products we’ve seen help our tenants in the past clean their apartment easier and faster.

Murphy’s Oil Soap

Use this with water for cleaning wood surfaces such as cabinets or doors.


This helps to remove hard water stains in sinks, drains, toilets, or faucets.

Scrubbing Bubbles

When the soap scum in your apartment won’t come off on your shower door, tub, or sink, use scrubbing bubbles!


This can be used to clean the outside of appliances, mirrors, windows, or to shine any chrome fixtures or faucets.


Smooth cooktops require non-abrasive products, and cerama-bryte or a similar product helps remove food residue and grime off any glass, ceramic cooktop.

Magic Erasers

This product is great for cleaning refrigerators, shelves, dishwasher seals, and built up surfaces.

Contact Hunziker Property Management

We wish you the best of luck in your cleaning endeavor! If you need more information on cleaning requirements before you move out, reach out to Hunziker Property Management for assistance!