How to Unpack and Organize After a Move

Congratulations on your move, but prepare yourself! Signing your lease is only half the battle. With all the preparation, stress, and running around a move takes, ensuring you have a plan going in about how to stay organized can help you save yourself from some headaches and a messy home when it comes move time.

Write Out a Plan

Like with most overwhelming tasks, writing down how you plan on tackling it can help reduce your worry and show you exactly what you need to do to be successful. Ask yourself questions like:


Once you’re able to answer these, you’ll have a blueprint on how to best start this process.

Make a Realistic Timeline

Everyone wants to be able to wave a magic wand and have everything in its right place but be honest with yourself. How long will it really take you to unpack and organize your home? Do you have a couple days off or a team of friends and family that can help you tackle it over a weekend? Or will you need to stretch your free time over the course of a month to fully move in? Creating a timeline and assigning rooms to specific dates can help you not only space out your tasks, but make sure you have a deadline to stick to.

Determine Your Essentials

For most people, this will start out with your bathroom, bedroom (namely your bed/sheets and clothes), and your kitchen. These are all places you will need to use daily and making sure boxes with these corresponding items are unpacked first will help you avoid having to go without a shower, buying takeout again, or sleeping on the floor. Set aside things you know you will need as soon as you move in for each room.

Common Bathroom Items

Common Bedroom Items

Common Kitchen Items

Unpack One Room at a Time

You’re excited to get everything moved in and you just want to dig in, but hold the reins a little bit and work on each room one at a time. Having one room completed and fully moved in is better than having 6 rooms partially done with clutter everywhere. Work your way down your priority list of what rooms need to get done first until everything is done. Follow the plan you made yourself before you moved in, and you’ll be all set!

Hold off on Decorating

Arguably, the most fun part of moving in is when you get to decorate. After all, this is how you can show off your personal taste and is what helps make your new space feel like home. But don’t make this a priority! Focus on placing your furniture in the correct spots, organizing your shelves, hanging up your clothes, and cleaning up before you turn your attention to what wall art you’ll want in your living room. Once you’ve made it through your list, add on those finishing touches and make your place your own!

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