How to Unpack and Organize Your Things After You Move

If you’re driving through the city of Ames during the month of August, especially near Iowa State University, you’ll most likely see countless moving vans, furniture all over the curbside, and hundreds of residents moving into their new apartments or townhomes. While moving itself is hard work, unpacking can be an even more daunting task. Follow these tips to efficiently unpack and organize all of your belongings so you can begin making your apartment feel more like home.

Submit Your Inspection Form

Before you begin to unpack your items in your apartment it’s important to remember to fill out your move-in inspection form and return it to your property manager. This will ensure you won’t be charged for items already non-functional upon your move in.

Enlist a friend’s help

Whether you are moving in with friends or by yourself, moving apartments by yourself can get boring, not to mention challenging. Invite a friend or family member over to help you unpack, move large furniture, or simply keep you company while you unpack!

Unpack soon after moving

Remember, unpacking is usually a process and does not have to be completed in a day, but it can be easy to let unpacked boxes sit around your house. Before you know it a year has passed and those same boxes never got touched. To avoid procrastination, set small goals to unpack a little bit everyday and set a timeline to be completely unpacked 2-3 weeks from when you moved in.

Unpack by room

If you followed our tips for moving out of your apartment blog then hopefully you labeled your boxes and they are now sitting in the correct room in your space. If not, organizing boxes into the rooms they’ll end up in makes it easier to organize your things and minimizes the initial move in clutter. Move through your new apartment and unpack one room at a time. The kitchen might be the most daunting room to unpack, so why not start there! You can tackle rooms day-to-day until finally every room is unpacked.

Reassemble large items

Most people have to take apart their bed, living room furniture, and other large objects during their move. You’re most likely going to want to sleep in your new place the first night you get everything moved over, so it’s a good idea to reassemble your bed frame on the first day you begin to unpack. Once you get the large items put together and organized, it makes the rest of the move in process go more smoothly.

Worry about decorations later

For most people, unpacking everything you have in boxes before starting with the decorations is the best way to motivated to organize your apartment. Once you have everything unpacked and put away, you can start to plan where the decorations will go since your apartment will most likely have a different layout out than your last place. Plus, decorating is the key to making your new apartment feel like a home.

Unpack neatly

Unpacking takes time if done the right way. It can be easy to just take things out of boxes and shove them into closets or drawers. If you take the time to figure out where everything needs to go and put it away neatly right when you move in, it will save you more time down the road, and you’ll be able to find what you are looking for more easily.

Enjoy Your New Ames Apartment

Nothing feels better than getting settled into your new place. Have some friends over, kick your feet up and relax; your hard work of moving is complete! If you have any questions or concerns about your Hunziker Property Management apartment or townhome, be sure to contact us promptly at 515-233-4440.