Moving Tips: A Packing Timeline

Congratulations! Moving to a new place is always an exciting and refreshing start. However, cleaning out and packing up all of your stuff can be a daunting process. Don’t get too overwhelmed, Hunziker Property Management has some moving tips to help your packing go by smoothly and quickly so you can spend more time getting excited for your new place to live in Ames, and less time stressing about your old one.

One Month Before The Move

Organization is Key

There is a lot that goes into moving from one place to the next, so be proactive and use a folder or notebook to keep any important information related to your move in one convenient place.

Choose What to Keep, Discard, or Donate

This is the perfect time to start going through your clothes and other items you may have been collecting during the duration of your time at your current establishment and decide what needs to be thrown away, what can get donated, or what you plan on taking with you. This helps declutter your space, and gives you less to move!

Notify Your Landlord and Utilities Company

If you are moving from a rental, it is important to notify your landlord, and have a discussion about how/when you can get your security deposit check back. You should also contact your utilities company to cancel your current service and set up a new one for where you will be moving to.

Get Packing Materials and Start With Non-Essentials

Ask friends who have recently moved if they have any spare boxes or packing tape, or purchase some and start using these to begin packing items that you know you won’t really need within the next month. This can include things like clothes that are out of season, kitchen utensils you don’t often use, or books, movies, and games. Getting this out of the way now leaves less for you to have to pack down the road.


2 Weeks Before The Move

Pack, Pack, and Pack Some More

This is definitely the most time consuming part of your move, but the most important. Go room by room and pack things that are similar together in the same box. Be sure to label each box with the room it goes in, along with a short description of the main contents inside..

Set Aside Valuables

There are some things in your residence that are fragile, expensive, or hold sentimental value. Be sure to set these aside from the other items you are moving so that you can make sure you can transport them safely to your next home.

Use Up Food You Don’t Want to Take With You

Avoid grocery shopping until your move and try your best to go through your fridge and cupboards and eat the available food there. Throw out any food you do not plan on taking with you.

Complete Change of Address Form

It’s important to communicate your move to the post office to ensure your mail is getting delivered to the correct location. You can fill out out a change of address request here.

1 Week Before The Move

Pack an Essentials Kit

Pack a bag with everything you will need immediately during your move and keep it with you rather than putting it with the rest of your moving boxes. This can include a change of clothes, toiletries, medication, and chargers.

Clean Your Place

To help make sure you have everything, and that you leave your place in good condition, try your best to clean floors, windows, and cabinets to leave it looking great for the next person that gets to call it home.


Confirm Your Moving Date

Check with your new residence, along with anyone that is helping you move, that everyone has the same moving date on their calendar.

1 Day Before The Move

Completely Clean Out Fridge

Dispose of any remaining food or drink items in your fridge and wipe it down to remove any residue that could have been left over from contents you had in it.

Collect Important Documents

Make sure to have any documents related to your move that you think you might need at the ready in case you have to show it someone or double check information for yourself.

One Final Look Through

You’re almost there! Do one last sweep of your place to make sure everything is clean, and you packed up all the items you want at your new establishment.

Moving Day

You did it! Hopefully with this timeline, you were able to keep your moving process organized and stress-free. Happy moving and good luck at your new home here at Hunziker Property Management.