Six Things to Coordinate with Your Roommate After You Sign the Lease on a New Apartment

So you just signed the lease on a new apartment in Ames with a couple friends – now what? Here are a few items to add to your checklist to make your move go smoothly:

1. Who Is Bringing What?

Avoid doubling up on larger items like living room furniture and large kitchen appliances by communicating with your roommate what you are planning on bringing to the new apartment. This is a great time to bring up items you would like to bring with you that will occupy common space. (Bonus: the fewer items for you to transport is always a win!)

2. Keep Track Of Still-Needed Items

Chances are there will still be a few functional items you will need to start out apartment life on the right foot. Make a list of all desired items and prioritize which you’d like to purchase first! Then, mark the item off the list when purchased.

3. Decide What Costs Will Be Split

Rent isn’t the only cost to consider splitting with your roommate. Before you move in, talk about what costs you’d be willing to share – things like paper products, cleaning supplies, and streaming services are a good start! This is also be a good time to bring up things you definitely don’t feel comfortable splitting or sharing.

4. Who Will Be The Primary Contact?

Designate one roommate to be the main point of contact for your landlord and apartment complex. This will help keep all messages in the same place so there’s a lower chance important information will get lost.

5. How Will You Divide Apartment Responsibilities?

It’s also a good idea to discuss roommate expectations before you live together. Trust us – it’s better to explain your living habits now rather than being frustrated later. Some questions to ask yourself and your roommate might be: What are your expectations for cleanliness? Are there certain chores you want to make sure get done? Who will do them? Are there things you would feel uncomfortable with that your roommate could possibly do at or bring to the apartment? Answering these questions honestly will help create a space for open communication from the start – a valuable quality in roommates.

6. Coordinate Move-In Schedules

When it gets closer to move-in day, check with your roommate to see what day they’d like to move in. Plan to give them a few hours at the apartment to get their things situated before or after you arrive so that you (and your move-in helpers) aren’t competing for space.

Now you’re ready to move into your new apartment! No matter if you have a great apartment near Iowa State Campus, or a quiet apartment along the CyRide route, Hunziker Property Management congratulates on your new space.