So You Just Signed the Lease on Your New Apartment

As the proud new resident of your apartment, making sure you are ready for move-in day is an essential next step in the leasing process. From getting acclimated with your new neighborhood, setting up utilities and ensuring all mail is transferred to your new place — there is a lot that goes into making sure you are prepared to move into your apartment.  Check out some of our tips on how to prepare before moving boxes and renting that U-Haul. 

Transfer & Set up Utilities 

Prior to moving into your apartment, it’s important to make sure you have set up the essential utilities you need to live in your new place. Making sure your gas, electricity and water are set up prior to move-in day is crucial in making sure your apartment will be ready for you to move in. For lower priority utilities like the internet and TV,  make sure to cancel with your provider before moving and give them your new address to continue to get their services once you’ve settled into the new place. If you’re moving into a Hunziker apartment, you can see the list of utilities and services you’ll need to set up here.

Make Sure You Have Renter’s Insurance

Almost all apartments require proof of renter’s insurance prior to moving in. Coordinate with your insurance company to get this completed and have a copy of the declaration page on hand to give to your property manager.

Change Your Address

Your address is connected to a lot of your personal information that is important for everyday life. Everything from getting your paycheck, receiving mail and keeping your license up to date all rely on having an updated address. Make sure to take a trip to the post office or head to USPS’s website to complete a change of address form so future mail will be sent to your new address and mail that makes its way to your old address will be rerouted. Next, visit the bank to update your address so your paycheck will be sent to the right place.  Finally, make a stop at the Department of Transportation (DOT) to update your driver’s license. If you have any recurring magazines or subscriptions make sure to cancel those as well. Taking these steps will ensure nothing slips through the cracks during the move. 

Recruit Your Moving Team 

Now that you have transferred utilities, changed your address and feel ready for move-in day, it’s time to recruit a moving team. Give a call to friends that might owe you a favor, check in with family members who would be willing to help or opt to hire professional movers. No matter how you choose to tackle move-in day, make sure to have your boxes packed and ready to go before your team gets there to save time and energy. 

Walk Through Your Unit

Once you get the keys, you’ll most likely receive a move-in inspection report. Make a point to walk through your apartment to note any repairs that need to be done and relay them to your property manager so come move out time, you won’t be penalized.

Explore Your Neighborhood

After you’ve finalized all the details for move-in day, try and get acclimated with your new neighborhood. You could track your commute to school, work or any local shopping centers. See where the closest grocery store is to you or take note of any public transportation nearby you could use. Getting yourself familiar with your neighborhood will make the transition of moving into a new space much easier. 

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