Spring Cleaning Your Ames Apartment

Daylight savings time came and went, and spring has arrived. Find a day or two this spring and take the time to clean your apartment. Follow our tips for a successful spring cleaning session.

Clean Windows and Walls


Combine dishwashing detergent, vinegar, and water into a spray bottle. For optimal results, use a squeegee. A lint free cloth will also work if you don’t have a squeegee. Spray the solution onto the full window. Wipe away any residue left on the windows. Fold over your cloth as you go to keep from moving dirt around the windows. Wipe down the window with a clean cloth from top to bottom. Don’t forget to clean drips from the window sill after you’re done cleaning.


Washing walls is the perfect springtime chore when you are able to open windows to assist the drying process. To begin, be sure to dust off your walls and baseboards, if necessary. You can do this with a Swiffer, broom, or dust rag. Next, grab a bucket of warm water and fill it with soap. You can use a washcloth or sponge to scrub down your walls. You can also use a magic eraser to help with removing dirt or skid marks. Be sure to crack a few windows to help walls dry faster and create airflow throughout the room.

Dust the Entire Apartment

Use a microfiber cloth and pour a little water on the cloth to make it damp. Dust all furniture in your apartment. You can also use Pledge or furniture polish when you are finished. Don’t forget to dust ceiling fans, window casings, and floor boards. Always start from the top and work toward the bottom of the room. When you are finished you can vacuum the dust that falls on the floors.

Change Bedding

If you have winter or flannel sheets on your bed, spring cleaning can be the best time to get out that summer, lighter set of sheets. Be sure to wash both your winter and summer sets of sheets!

Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

Disinfect your shower, toilet, and sink thoroughly. You don’t want to know how many germs live here!


Put white vinegar in a plastic grocery bag and tie it in place to your shower head for it to soak overnight. Remove it in the morning, and rinse by running the water.

If you have a shower curtain and liner, wash it in the washing machine with a couple of towels. Simply rehang it to dry. If your shower has a shower door, consider combining a few drops of distilled white vinegar into a cup of baking soda and apply directly to the door. It should have the consistency of paste so it will stick to the door. Let it soak for about an hour, and then scrub with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to rinse and dry with a clean microfiber towel.

Clean the tub or shower with an all-purpose or bathroom cleaner. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then scrub clean!


Use toilet cleaner around the inside of the bowl and use a toilet brush to scrub any residue on the inside of the toilet. Use an all-purpose spray on the outside of the toilet to clean any dust or dirt.


Use an all-purpose disinfectant cleaner to spray down the vanity area including the sink, faucets, and countertops; then wipe with a clean cloth.

Organize Your Closet

First off, take all clothes out of your closet and place them in an empty space. Separate your clothes by season. Start sorting through seasons one by one and place clothes into keep, maybe, and donate piles. In order to decide on your maybe pile, ask yourself a few questions:

Once you have decided on what stays and what goes, you can organize your closet by season, by clothing type, or by how often you wear certain clothes.

Spring Cleaning Could Help with Move Out Tasks

You’ll need to clean your apartment when you move out, so why not get a head start on it by deep cleaning it this spring! Have any good cleaning tips? Feel free to share them with us!