The Pros and Cons of Living Alone

The prospect of living alone can sound enticing; a space all to yourself, total control of your lifestyle when you’re not at work or in class, and more. However, there can also be some downfalls and things to consider about living alone. We weighed the pros and cons for you on apartment living alone in Ames.

Reasons to Live On Your Own

Set Your Own Standard of Cleanliness

Without roommates, there is no compromising on the level of neatness or cleanliness that is expected. If you prefer a more “lived-in” feel for your Ames rental, nobody is there to stop you! If you’re a neat-Nancy, you’re free to sanitize everything at any time without getting in the way.

Don’t Bother With Sharing Your Stuff

If it’s hard for you to share your belongings for fear of them being broken, misplaced, or stolen, fear no more: everything in your apartment is YOURS. That means that the milk in the fridge, the cup-o-ramen and everything in between is yours—you bought it and you get to eat it. You probably remember the times living in the dorms when you’d come back late at night craving a snack you’d bought earlier only to find that your pesky roommate had devoured it. When you live alone, that will no longer happen!

Decorate To Your Own Tastes

Create the space that you want to live in with decorations that suit your personal taste. Without a roommate, you are the only person you need to consult with regarding room aesthetics. Whether you prefer classic movie posters or tasteful home decor from Target, create your Ames apartment aesthetic on your own terms.

No Coordination and Extra Stuff

Renting in Ames and moving in with your friends has its drawbacks. Sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating to move in with a roommate and realize you have an excessive amount of couches, multiple microwaves, and more kitchen utensils than you will ever need. Eliminate the need to coordinate when you live alone!

Reasons to Not Live On Your Own

More Expenses, Less Balance

Without a roommate to split your Ames apartment rent and utilities with, you end up paying more each month on your own. Be sure to assess your ability to afford the extra costs! Typically, one-bedroom apartments come with more expensive rent than sharing a two-bedroom. You also have to think about paying for heating, cooling, trash, water, and internet.

Alone, or Lonely?

Despite the many benefits of living on your own and making your own decisions, you may want to consider whether or not you will miss the built-in social interaction with a roommate. Make sure you don’t find yourself lonely and alone with Netflix and your houseplants week after week.

Solitude Calls for Extra Safety Measures

Safety and security become even more important when you’re living on your own. Be careful to check your locks, and gain some camaraderie with the neighbors in case you ever need their help. Also, be sure to use caution and maintain awareness of your surroundings if you are coming and going after dark.

Everything Falls on You

When you live by yourself, the responsibilities to pay bills, answer to your landlord, and maintain the property falls on you. If you don’t have time or resources to handle this on your own, you may consider finding a roommate.

Deciding whether or not to live in your own Ames apartment rental is more than just weighing your preferences. Before you sign a lone lease, be sure to seriously consider all of the risks, benefits, and logistics of living on your own. Regardless of your preference to rent with a roommate or by yourself in Ames, Hunziker Property Management has rental units to fit various needs.