What’s the Best Time of Year to Search for an Apartment in Ames?

For College Students

Leases for undergrads are typically one year, starting in August. Property Management Companies in Ames send out renewals to college students starting in October throughout December.  At this time, you will need to know whether you are vacating the unit or staying in your current unit. If you decide you are vacating the unit to move to other rentals in the Ames community, this is a good time to start searching for a new apartment for the upcoming school year. Most college students will have their apartment lease signed for the upcoming year between January and March.

Considerations for College Students


The first thing you have consider when you start searching for an apartment is whether you will have roommates and how many. This will determine the size of the apartment you can look for.

Some people have the same roommates throughout college, some people change roommates almost every year, and some people choose to not have roommates at all. People change roommates for a variety of reasons including graduation date, internships, jobs, transferring schools, location and more.

Roommate Change vs. Sublease

When you live in a Hunziker rental property, a roommate change and sublease mean different things. A roommate change is when at least one roommate is staying in the apartment while one of the roommates are leaving before the end of the lease. A sublease is needed when all tenants decide to move out before the lease expires. For more information on roommate changes and subleases, read here.

Price of Rent

When searching for an apartment it’s important that you have a budget in mind, and your roommates agree on a budget. Establishing a budget early on can prevent disagreements with your roommates from happening in the future.


There are many options for living around Ames. Hunziker has properties scattered throughout the city of Ames, including rental units in West Ames, Campustown, and North Ames. It’s important to discuss with your roommates where you would like to live. Do you prefer a short walk to class or are you willing to take the Cyride to class? Questions like this will help narrow down your search for an Ames apartment.

For Families and Young Professionals

For families and young professionals, if you’re currently renting with Hunziker then you will receive your renewal form between January and March. At this time, you will need to know whether you are vacating the unit or staying in your current unit.

Considerations for Families and Young Professionals


For those tenants currently renting with Hunziker, it’s important to evaluate your rent budget yearly. Are you still able to comfortably afford your monthly rent? If your financial situation changed throughout the year, it’s a good idea to put in perspective what you can afford for rent, and evaluate your living situation from there.

Job Situation

Leases usually last one full year. It’s important to consider your career, and where you think you’ll be a year from when you sign your lease. If you decide you might be moving within a year, you can try to find a sublease or reach out to a property management company that offers a six-month lease. Also, if you have received a work promotion, you may want to move into an apartment with more space, better amenities, and upgraded appliances.


Speaking of space, while many people live in an apartment for many years, ultimately the next step for families or young professionals is to eventually purchase a home. If you feel you are ready for this next step you may want to reconsider signing a 1-year lease.

Hunziker Property Management’s Ames Apartments Rentals

Hunziker is currently leasing rental units for Fall 2017. Please browse our apartment listings and contact us to set up a tour today!