What’s the Best Time of Year to Search for an Apartment

Whether you’re searching for your first apartment after living in the dorms for a year, or you’re just looking for something new, you should plan ahead with your search to be efficient. Use the following guide to time your apartment hunt.


6 to 8 Months Before Move-In

Several months before you move, you’ll need to determine several things. First, you need to find out who your are roommates going to be. Do you just want one roommate or multiple.

What part of Ames do you want to live in? There are several apartments near campus, or there are others farther away, but are still close to a Cyride Stop.

What is your budget? If you need help determining a budget, you may want to review our tips for first-time renters.


3 to 5 Months Before Move-In

Once you and your future roommates have decided what part of town you want to live in, and have a budget range, it’s time to start scheduling tours. This gives you enough time to see many different apartments for rent in Ames, which can be tough to schedule with your different schedules. Many Ames property management companies, including Hunziker, allow you to contact the rental offices online, making it very easy to schedule a tour.


3 Months Before Move-In

After touring all the apartments that you and your roommates are interested in, it’s time to sign the lease. Call your property management office today for help filling out the rental application, or if you rent with Hunziker Property Management, you can apply online now.


30 Days Before Move-In

Now that you’ve signed your lease, it’s time for you and your roommates to decide who will live in which room. Also, it’s good to figure out who is going to bring the shared items for the kitchen and living rooms. You need a couch, but you don’t need three. It’s a good idea to sit down with your roommates and to make a list of all the things that you’re bringing, and then to start packing. Move-in day will be here before you know it.


One Week Before Move-In

Everything should be pretty much packed and ready to go at this point. If you’re moving out of an existing apartment, start cleaning today so that you’re not overwhelmed with moving and cleaning next week. If you have any remaining questions about your new apartment, be sure to give your property management company a call.