Roommate Change

A roommate change is when at least one roommate is staying in the apartment while one of the other roommates are leaving, before the end of the lease. We treat all tenants within a unit as “one”, so the lease will stay the same when at least one of the original tenants stays. When all tenants on the current lease decide to move out before the lease expires, a sublease is needed. If any of the tenants decide to stay and find a new roommate, then it is considered a roommate change.The security deposit stays with the lease. On a roommate change, the new tenant will fill out an application, but does not need to pay us a security deposit. The new tenant and old tenant work a deal out themselves as to how to handle the security deposit. We do not give any money to the tenant who is leaving in a roommate change.
Download the PDF version of our Roommate change form and print from your computer. Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and submit to Hunziker Property Management at our office location.
Download the Roommate Change Form