Please view and acknowledge the sublease conditions before filling out the form. If you happen to have a roommate(s), and they are not leaving the unit at the same time you are, it is not considered a sublease. It would be deemed a roommate change if not all tenants from the unit are intending to vacate at that same time.

Sublease Conditions

According to the terms of your lease, you are responsible for rent and utilities until the expiration of the lease.

You may sublease the apartment, with our approval. In order to sublease your unit, please follow the directions below.

  • Sublease Agreement: Sublease agreement has been signed and sublease fee paid. With subleasing you have two options: you may find your own replacement subleasor or you may employ Hunziker Property Management to assist you with finding a subleasor. Different fees apply for each method. If you’d like to utilize both methods of finding a subleasor, you would not be required to pay both fees. You would simply pay the fee that corresponds to the method that is successful in finding a replacement tenant to finish out the terms of the lease.
  • Application and Deposit: An application and deposit must be received in our office from prospective tenant(s). You will be released of your obligations only when the lease (not the application) has been signed.
  • Partial Month Leases: Partial Month-Leases are typed for terms beginning on the first of any month. You are responsible for paying the full month. Prorated rent collected for that month from the new tenant will be credited to you on your deposit return form. Key will be given out to the new tenant by the office only after an inspection of the unit has been made and the unit is ready.
  • Inspection: You will need to schedule an inspection of the unit. For the inspection, the following conditions must be met:
    • The unit must be empty of all personal belongings and it must be clean.
    • Your carpets were professionally cleaned using the extraction method prior to your move-in date. You are required to leave them in the same condition, less normal wear and tear. Failure to have your carpets cleaned on or before your move-out inspection date, may result in additional costs charged by the carpet cleaning companies for the “Same Day” service.
    • Key are to be returned at time of inspection.  If all keys are not returned at time of inspection a lock change will be made and charged against your deposit.
    • Inspections should be scheduled at least one day in advance. Inspections will be done during the following times:
      Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
  • Deposit Requirements: The new tenant will be required to deposit with Hunziker Property Management an amount equal to either one months rent, or in the event no verifiable rental history is available, amount equal to two months rent.
  • Please check with our office on maximum occupancy and student eligibility for your apartment

Once you have read this document, please download the PDF version of our Notice of Intent to Sublease form and print from your computer. Fill out the form to the best of your knowledge and submit to Hunziker Property Management at our office location.

We charge a $100 fee for subleasing. This amount is deducted from your security deposit. You can also choose to employ us for $250 to assist with the subleasing of your unit. We will advertise and show your unit when employed.

Download the Sublease Form