Finding an Apartment in Ames: What to Know

Whether you’re new to Ames, or looking for your first apartment after living in the dorms for a year or two, there are several things that you should know about searching for an apartment in Ames. It is never too early to start looking for apartments for next year, in fact, many of Hunziker Property Management’s units have already been listed for rent for the 2018-2019 school year.

With that in mind, what things should you consider when looking for a place to live in Ames next year?

What Neighborhood in Ames Do I Want to Live In?

The first thing that you should think about is where you want to live. There are many apartments in Ames, but choosing the right neighborhood will determine how happy (or unhappy) you are in your living arrangement next year. Choose wisely, because most property management companies will lock you into a 1-year lease that’s difficult to break.

Apartments Close to Iowa State Campus

One are for you to look for housing next year are apartments near the Iowa State University campus. These units, which are within walking or biking distance to your classes will save you plenty of time over the school year. It’s nice to be able to walk to class within five or ten minutes without needing to wait for a bus. Also, in the winter it is definitely a plus because of the snow and wind. For starters, look at the apartments on Hyland Ave, which is only a block from campus. We’ve also got units on Sheldon, Oakland, Lincoln Way and Mortensen, which are all near campus. Units a little further away, but are well within CyRide distance include the units off North and South Dakota and the Fountainview neighborhoods.

Apartments in Quieter Neighborhoods

If you’re looking for a quieter living experience, Hunziker Property Management has plenty of beautiful apartments in Ames for you too! One of the first areas to look at is the Somerset neighborhood, located just around the corner from several local Ames favorites including The Cafe, El Azteca, and +39. This is a quieter neighborhood, but still only an 8-minute CyRide trip to campus. Another nice and quiet neighborhood is nearby, just north of Bloomington, while another great area is near the North Grand Mall.

What Activities Do You Enjoy?

If browsing by neighborhood isn’t quite narrowing down the search for you, consider a few other things—what do you want to do outside of your apartment? Do you like to watch or play sports? Do you enjoy hiking or biking? Do you travel a lot? These are all questions you should ask yourself, and the answers may help you narrow down your apartment search. If you like hiking or camping, Ledges State Park is in Boone, and maybe an apartment in West Ames is better for you. Do you go to the rec center on campus before or after class? State Gym is only a short walk from the Hyland units. Other units are close to Highway 30, for an easy getaway from Ames. If your activities drive your living location, be sure to choose one near your hobbies.

Contact Hunziker Property Management

If you’re still unsure of what neighborhood you want to live in, feel free to contact our office and we’d be more than happy to find the right spot for you. Also, if you’re still on the fence about an apartment and not sure it’s the right one, read our blog on ways to know if you’re looking at your dream apartment.